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UPWA Mission

"Our mission is to inspire the establishment of municipal policies and facilities that provide meaningful public access to the maritime environment."

The Urban Public Waterfront Association was founded to generate interest in establishing municipal and privately held infrastructure that enables public access to a wide variety of maritime activities. We believe that connecting people with the sea is an essential aspect of environmental stewardship, regional transportation security and quality of life in all shoreline communities.

Our goals are to enhance public access to maritime activities in urban areas by promoting the development of useable docks and related structures that facilitate the safe transition from land to sea in small crafts including canoes, kayaks, fishing boats, commuter boats, freight lighters, charter boats, sailboats, cruisers and other small vessels.

Our Current Objectives

* Advocating open public access to the sea.

* Inspiring meaningful public access to the maritime environment.

* Sharing maritime heritage as proof of concept for human interaction with the maritime environment.

* Promoting healthy & sustainable lifestyles through foods traditionally transported from and over the sea.

* Developing water-centric experiential education programs.

* Creating opportunities for small-scale maritime enterprises that encourage the use of the waterways and shorelines.

* Building awareness of the maritime environment to encourage its practical use and stewardship.

* Encouraging the development of open access dock infrastructure to support inter-community trade and transportation.