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Charter Boat Captains Guild

Maritime Small Vessel Crew Job Network

Over the years, the number of commercial vessels on local waterways has substantially decreased. The pool of available licensed crew has also diminished. Charter and tour boat operators find it increasingly difficult to schedule part time personnel.

The purpose of the Captains Guild is to provide a communications link between vessel operators and crew so that part time assignments can be consolidated. The increased availability of crew will make it possible for charter boat operators to schedule more trips and increase the number of people who can experience the sea on small vessels.

The Charter Boat Captains Guild was founded to provide an efficient means for operators of small charter vessels (200 GT and under) and licensed crew to communicate about active charter assignments. The Guild is focused on serving it's members by providing an online system for which to share relevant information including work history, credentials and certification, job listings and schedules.

UPWA is assisting in the development of the Captains Guild for the following reasons:

1.) Provides a way to increase local water-dependent employment.

2.) Encourages the growth of small water-centric businesses.

3.) Improves the ability for the public to enjoy the sea.

4.) Provides personnel who are directly involved with activating urban waterfront spaces.

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Funding Revenue Source:

Individual and corporate member dues.