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Cedar Wave Maritime Heritage Experiences

Historic Vessel Cooperative & Maritime Heritage Institute

Cedar Wave Historic Vessel Cooperative is anticipated to be a place where vessel owners, shipwrights and charter operators work together to create an experiential maritime heritage exhibition and experience center.

Currently, there is no central place where the public can view numerous classic yachts and traditional work boats other than at few annual boat show events. The Pacific Northwest was considered the birthplace of modern yachting for the common person. Dozens of boat yards built cruisers, sailing vessels, fishing boats and tugs from local timber. Maritime architects like Ted Geary, and Ed Monk were among the many who's designs pioneered intricate woodwork production.

Cedar Wave helps put historic vessels to work in ways that sustain their preservation for future generations while sharing important cultural heritage and first-hand experiences.

There are also numerous antique vessels that have been painstakingly restored only to sit among a sea of plastic cloned boats at gated marinas throughout the region. The Cedar Wave Heritage Cooperative will provide a place for members to work on and share historic vessels.

The Cedar Wave Maritime Heritage Cooperative is being sponsored by UPWA because it helps fulfill the following objectives:

1.) Raising awareness for maritime heritage .

2.) Creating activation of waterfront municipalities with experiential activities and exhibits.

3.) Encouraging participation in traditional boat construction and maintenance methods.

4.) Providing a purpose to preserve historic vessels that add charm and character to waterfront communities.

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Funding Revenue Source:

Co-op member dues, boat yard service revenue share, FarmBoat Foods Co., public and private donations, and grants.