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Class at Sea

K-12 Student Marine Studies Program

UPWA is working with private charter boat operators to assist in the develop a program that provides an opportunity for youth to experience and learn about the sea.

Over 70% of the Earth is covered by water. The sea is the foundation for all life on earth. The understanding of the sea, its systems and relationship with humans is vitally important. The mission for Class at Sea is to provide a personal first-hand experience to 20,000 students by 2015.

Class at Sea program helps educators plan excursions for all student grade levels from K through 12 and beyond. Younger students find wonder in an unfamiliar environment where everything is moving, while older students discover fascination and inspiration in the exploration of new personal horizons.

Class at Sea exposes students to future high-pay career possibilities from earth sciences, marine biology and maritime transportation to energy exploration, ocean foods and security on the high seas.

With jobless rates for youths and young adults soaring to all time highs, educators are pressed to help students find achievable, sustainable and meaningful careers. Exposure to the sea through our programs inspire many to consider water-centric life passions.

Connecting students with the sea also makes them better stewards of this planet. Teaching about water quality, marine biology and the effects that humans have on the environment provides the knowledge to balance the needs of society and nature with sustainable conservation practices.

The sea has provided life for all previous generations and will continue to fulfill the needs and dreams of future generations.

The Urban Public Waterfront Association recognizes the following benefits for the Class at Sea Program:

1.) Inspires youth to develop interest in the marine environment.

2.) Encourages communities to provide maritime access for water-centric youth programs.

3.) Provides a way for educators to cost effectively expose students to the maritime environment.

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Funding Revenue Source:

Student tuition fees, public and private donations, and grants.