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Classic Charter Boat Association

Marketing Cooperative for Historic Charter Boats

Classic and historic vessels provide a welcoming ambiance at urban waterfronts. Many of these vessels have endured the ravages of time at the extreme expense of their owners who are compelled to preserve them for future generations. Many owners will attest that "you do not own an historic vessel, it owns you".

Due to higher expenses, stringent regulations and uniform standards adopted by modern boat builders, owners of antique vessels are finding it increasingly more difficult to share these artifacts with the public.

The Classic Charter Boat Association is established to fill a need for classic charter vessel owners. As a cooperative marketing association, CCBA will provide maritime enthusiasts with an efficient means for learning about the many unique experiences available aboard authentic antique vessels. The CCBA web site will be a comprehensive visual catalog targeting travelers while a member-only back-room section will provide a means for communication and collaboration between vessel owners.

The needs of classic and charter vessel owners are unique and often at odds with modern regulatory, insurance and operational standards. CCBA plans to build a strong alliance that will ultimately help vessel owners continue to preserve and share maritime heritage by gaining regulatory exemptions, reasonable insurance risk assessments and practical consideration by port authorities.

CCBA also plans to develop educational resources that will inspire the next generation to enjoy and eventually help preserve the past.

UPWA is involved with the Classic Charter Boat Association because:

1.) CCBA provides a means to enhance public waterfronts with authentic cultural experiences.

2.) Encourages the use of public access docks.

3.) Preserves maritime heritage so that it can be enjoyed by future generations.

4.) Provides an activity that activates pubic dock infrastructure.

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Funding Revenue Source:

Membership dues and advertising services.