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FarmBoat Floating Markets

FarmBoat Floating Markets

UPWA is working to develop connections between urban communities on Puget Sound by establishing maritime trade routes like it was done a century ago. The FarmBoat Floating Market Program creates dockside events where patrons can purchase local and artisan foods from independent vendors while learning about the argi-maritime heritage of the region.

The FarmBoat Floating Market program at Seattle's South Lake Union Park was a weekly event that was pioneered aboard the historic Steamship Virginia V from 2010 to 2013. Despite continued pressure from local government officials working to deny public access, the program was successful at bringing hundreds of people each week down to the water's edge to buy local food products and learn about maritime heritage.

The FarmBoat Floating Market program is designed to offer heritage tourism enthusiasts an experience that celebrates the rich history of the Salish Sea region. Market boats were once a common sight on local waters before roads and rails. The Floating Markets offer communities a way to activate public shoreline areas with memorable old-world charm.

Through the FarmBoat program, UPWA is working with heritage vessel owners and food purveyors to coordinate dockside Floating Market Events. The goal is to eventually inspire weekly events to occur in eighteen different Puget Sound ports.

The FarmBoat program accomplishes a number of important objectives for UPWA:

1.) Activation of public waterfront docks.

2.) Encouraging inter-county trade via the waterways rather than using congested roads.

3.) Supporting small independent businesses that keep money in the local economy.

4.) Sharing local heritage through offering first-hand experiences.

5.) Encouraging tourism throughout the Salish Sea.

6.) Building awareness and desire for responsible human use of maritime waterways.

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Funding Revenue Source:

Market vendors fees, corporate sponsors, FarmBoat Foods Co., public and private donations, and grants.