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Collaborative Philanthropic Sailing Program

KidSail is a nonprofit organization that provides maritime excursion experiences for children and adults who are living with debilitating medical conditions. The organization links certified charter boat operators with young sailers and their families for relaxing outings "on the healing sea".

KidSail is a rebirth of the Seattle-based Sailing Heritage Foundation started by George Todd in 1995. Todd had organized over 100 philanthropic sailing trips each year aboard the famous Seattle Tall-Ship "S/V Mallory Todd".

Todd had discovered several decades ago that sailing trips were emotionally beneficial for families struggling with adverse medical situations. The outings provided a place for families and individuals to take their minds off of tragic situations.

With more than 30 years experience in helping brighten the lives of ill children in Seattle, Todd wants to share the formula for success with other charter boat operators. UPWA will help advise on the development of a new national program under the name "KidSail". The 501(c)(3) organization will help connect families to the sea in coastal communities throughout the United States while helping charter operators develop new socially concerned clients.

The key feature of the program is that it will allow corporations and individuals to book charter events that will fund philanthropic excursions for kids. Private charter clients will be able to help fund an important social cause through their event activities.

UPWA is working to support the development of the KidSail organization for the following reasons:

1.) To connect ill children and their families to the tranquility and infinite possibilities of the sea.

2.) To provide a means for private charter vessel operators to support a worthy social cause while obtaining more charter clients.

3.) To promote the sea as an alternative venue for special events whereby exposing more people to the marine environment.

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Funding Revenue Source:

Corporate sponsors, donations, shared charter revenues