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Small Businesses Help Create Active Urban Waterfronts

Small businesses are the foundation of America. More than half of all new jobs in the US are created by independent small businesses. M2E is a program designed to encourage growth of small businesses through the fostering of micro-enterprises. Micro-enterprises are often the seed for many future industries.

The successful activation of public waterfronts relies on collaborative efforts between government and private enterprises. UPWA is dedicated to instigating and facilitating Main Street small business partnerships along urban waterfronts.

UPWA has initiated the M2E program as part of the "Grow Small" campaign to educate and encourage US citizens to support small business growth in both waterfront and inland communities.

M2E is a voluntary pledge made by private land owners, service providers and government entities who can effectively help foster the growth of micro-enterprises in local communities through appropriately scaled offerings and favorable policies.

UPWA is motivated to support the development of this program for the following reasons:

1.) Micro-enterprises and small businesses are the most cost-effective way to activate urban waterfronts.

2.) Economic diversity is fundamental element in building sustainable communities.

3.) Micro-enterprises and small businesses are essential for creating individual character and appeal of urban shoreline communities.

4.) Micro-enterprises and small business build diversified employment opportunities for youth which, in turn, reduces crime and increases equatable prosperity.

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Funding Revenue Source:

Corporate sponsors, FarmBoat Foods Co.