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Port of South Park

The South Park neighborhood of Seattle is an emerging waterfront community. Unlike other waterfront communities, it's still affordable.

Hundreds of millions of dollars has been spent on the Duwamish River clean-up around South Park. Soon, the restored shorelines will become an attractive and inspirational urban amenity for local residents and visitors alike.

Currently, there is no safe public access to the waters of the Duwamish. The muddy river banks make it difficult for people to connect to the water in any meaningful way.

South Park is perfectly situated to become Seattle's next family destination neighborhood. It's up river from the industrial docks and down river from the natural salmon spawning banks. There is a wide, calm body of water nearly two miles long where people can enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing, fishing and swimming. With a number of family friendly restaurants, South Park can become a day-trip destination for Puget Sound boaters too!

Our mission is to raise awareness of the need for a public waterfront that enhances the vibrance and vitality of the South Park community through enabling a publically accessible connection to the maritime environment.

The key feature promoted in this project is a long floating dock along the banks of the river just North of the new South Park Draw Bridge. It is envisioned that the dock could have a walk ramp at each end. Set out away from the shoreline, a sidewalk width dock could provide a public walkway and vessel access to the water on any tide.

The South Park River Walk at the new 14th St. Draw Bridge is a low-cost, high value community investment.

UPWA is interested in helping to transform South Park into a maritime waterfront community for the following reasons:

1.) Transforms a low-rent industrial district into a desirable and functional waterfront community.

2.) Encourages local community stewardship of the Duwamish River. "If people are encouraged to use the river, they will care more about it".

3.) Creates an attractive venue that can be activated and maintained by multiple small water-centric organizations in the same manner that the Center for Wooden Boats manages Lake Union Park.

4.) Encourages maritime transportation by providing safe floating docks for small passenger vessels. The Duwamish River could serve as a transportation corridor to put less traffic on congested roads.

5.) Provides a place for local native and non-native fisherman to sell their catch to the public.

6.) Provides a public location for inter-county commerce vessels like those involved in the FarmBoat program.

7.) Provides a location for community activities like boat rentals and river tour boats.

8.) Accommodates a need for private vessel day moorage for community visitors.

9.) Provides a location for water-centric community events like fishing derbies, rowing regattas, and paddling races.

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Funding Revenue Source:

Market vendors fees, corporate sponsors, FarmBoat Foods Co., public and private donations, and grants.