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Salish Sea Tourism

Salish Sea Visitors Centers

UPWA is assisting the Salish Sea Tourism and Business Development Association with planning the development of informational public kiosks that will be used to distribute promotional literature for water-centric organizations around the Salish Sea.

Part of the long range plan is to develop physical point-of-connection kiosks and retail spaces in high-traffic urban areas in Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma and Olympia.

In conjunction with the FarmBoat program, Salish Sea Tourism plans to distribute sponsoring member collateral to public visitors in a high traffic location on a trial basis.

The pilot program utilizes on an old-world Parisian-style market cart that is designed to convey an underlying message of substance and longevity. "We want people to know that the Salish Sea has been here all along--just waiting for their discovery."

UPWA is involved with this project because it provides the following benefits:

1.) Builds interest in water-centric destinations and activities that are associated with urban waterfronts.

2.) Promotes the public use and appreciation for local waterways.

3.) Builds desire for water-centric experiences.

4.) Builds public awareness for UPWA.

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Funding Revenue Source:

Corporate sponsors, FarmBoat Foods Co..