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Salmon Education Center

Experiencial Learning Center on the Duwamish

The Urban Public Waterfront Association is working on a concept project to inspire the development of a salmon education center. Salmon is a major subject in the Pacific Northwest. As one of the healthiest foods humans can eat, salmon is a major component of the local economy. Various salmon species are highly integrated with both costal shorelines and upland rivers and streams from Northern California to Alaska, yet most people do not understand the important issues surrounding this amazing natural resource.

The purpose of the Salmon Education Center is to share knowledge from salmon experts--the fisherman who make a living on salmon and the scientists who study salmon. The Salmon Education Center is envisioned to be a place where people can learn about the many aspects of Salmon--how to buy them, how to catch them, how they thrive, and how they came to be one of the most important resources in the Pacific Northwest.

The mission of the Salmon Education Center is to share information with visitors about culinary, nutrition, environmental, and history of one of the worlds most amazing food sources--wild salmon.

The objectives of the Salmon Education Center are to:

B.) Teach chefs how to select the highest quality salmon for maximum culinary value while exposing issues that effect salmon quality.

A.) Educate the public about the nutritional health benefits of eating high-quality wild salmon.

C.) Share knowledge about salmon habitat at sea and up river.

D.) Provide information about the rich history of salmon fishing from tribal traditions to modern harvesting.

E.) Become a voice in future legislation concerning salmon.

The concept is to create a venue where people can intimately learn about all aspects of salmon while directly experiencing their wild habitat. The Salmon Education Center floating class room barge is designed to accommodate small groups for intensive learning seminars and demonstrations. Educational programs will provide chefs, nutritionalists, sportsman and historians with in-depth knowledge about the salmon species and habitat requirements of the North Eastern Pacific.

A waterfront river delta location for the program is desired. Possible sites include the Duwamish River at South Park, the Snohomish River in Everett, Skagit River near La Conner, Sammamish Slough at Kenmore, Puyallup River at Tacoma and Skykomish River at Stanwood. An easily accessible urban location on a navigable salt water estuary is required.

South Park on the Duwamish River is currently the most preferred location for the Salmon Education Center due to it's proximity to both visitors and natural salmon spawning grounds. However, the location currently lacks public dock access.

South Park, a place that can easily be referred to as "Salmon Town", is a vibrant riverfront community that witnesses substantial migrating natural salmon runs each year. The Salmon Education Center is envisioned to be an environmentally accommodating floating class room and exhibit center that will provide visitors with direct exposure to the marine environment.

The first phase of the program will be to construct a floating classroom that will serve as a seminar venue. The classroom will be constructed on a environmentally inert 12' x 30' ferro cement barge with an internal salmon viewing port and salmon smolt pen.

It is planned that salmon education seminars will include experiences such as salmon tasting and small boat excursions on the river to view spawning habitat.

The Salmon Education Center will work in conjunction with the Heritage Fishing Society and FarmBoat to develop community interest.

UPWA is involved in establishing the Salmon Education Center for the following reasons:

1.) Provides a water-centric activities that activate and enhance public use of urban waterfronts.

2.) Builds public awareness and appreciation for the maritime environment.

3.) Inspires demand for public waterfront access.

4.) Provides an ability for experienced mariners and fishermen to share critical knowledge.

5.) Helps preserve maritime heritage for future generations.

Visit Web Site for SalmonEducationCenter.org

Funding Revenue Source:

Seminar fees, corporate sponsors, FarmBoat Foods Co., public and private donations, and grants.