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Seattle Taco Boat

Waterfront Merchant Boat Program

UPWA is working with maritime entrepreneurs and young adults to help create memorable waterfront attractions. The Seattle Taco Boat is an historic 1930's San Francisco fishing boat offering delicious fish tacos to dockside patrons. The "Taco Boat" works in conjunction with the FarmBoat Floating Market program--offering shoreside visitors a glimpse of maritime heritage traditions along with healthy local foods.

Merchant boats are a tradition throughout the world and can be a worthwhile attraction at a waterfront venue--bringing colorful character and activities for all to enjoy. UPWA is working to develop other independently operated market boats that will enhance urban shorelines and provide educational opportunities for participating youth and patrons.

The "Taco Boat" is a great example of what can be done to create low-impact self-sustainable attractions that help give purpose to public waterfront infrastructure.

UPWA supports the development of merchant boat programs for the following reasons:

1.) Activation of public waterfront sites.

2.) Adding vibrancy and attraction to shoreline communities.

3.) Providing opportunities for small businesses to partner with young adults and other maritime entrepreneurs.

4.) Providing entrepreneurial experiences and education for youth and adults.

5.) Building awareness and desire for responsible human use of maritime waterways.

Visit Web Site for SeaTaco.com

Funding Revenue Source:

Market vendors fees, corporate sponsors, FarmBoat Foods Co., public and private donations, and grants.