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South Park Paddle Boards

Youth Learning, Building & Duwamish River Exploration

The Duwamish River at South Park is a hidden urban recreational area soon to be discovered by paddling enthusiasts. Hundreds of millions have been spent on reclaiming the natural environment along the banks of the Duwamish. A two mile stretch of river between South Park and Tukwilla forms a tranquil and serene waterway that is ideal for paddling adventures.

UPWA is working to partner with the South Park community to inspire the development of a paddle board and river boat livery where people of all ages can learn to build, rent and experience small watercraft.

The preferred location of the livery is adjacent to the new South Park Draw Bridge. It is anticipated that a situation similar to the Center for Wooden Boats at South Lake Union can be accomplished at the site. Construction and maintenance shop space could be rented nearby, while the new bridge structure can provide convenient covered space for the livery.

UPWA has interest in inspiring the development of the South Park Paddle Paddle Board program for the following reasons:

1.) Helps activate a public connection to the maritime environment.

2.) Introduces low-income youth to water-centric activities.

3.) Provides revenue based activity hub that can help sustain waterfront infrastructure.

4.) Inspires the development of water-dependent businesses that will create a vibrant waterfront.

Visit Web Site for SouthParkPaddleBoards.com

Funding Revenue Source:

Paddleboard construction classes, paddleboard and rowboat livery rentals, paddleboard sales, public and private donations, and grants.