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Washington Street Landing

The Washington Street Public Boat Landing and Floating Promenade is a conceptual visualization project aimed at building awareness for a need to re-establish small vessel access on Elliot Bay.

Currently, there is no public access to small private vessels anywhere on Elliot Bay. This situation is inconsistent with nearly every major free nation port in the world.

The Washington Street Public Boat Landing was originally established in 1920. The historic decorative iron pergola remaining at the foot of Washington Street was the entrance point to the floating docks that hosted small vessels for nearly eighty years.

"The Washington Street Public Boat Landing Facility illustrates Seattle's long-running reliance on the waters of Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean." - National Park Service

In the 1990's, Seattle city planners decided to discontinue maintaining the floating docks to force recreational boaters to use the security restricted Port of Seattle facilities at Bell Harbor. All other small vessel maritime activities were cut off from the public.

UPWA envisions the possibility to create a waterfront attraction that provides effective public access to the waters of Puget Sound for downtown inhabitants. Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, Baltimore's Inner Harbor, Granville Island in Vancouver, BC and the Inner Harbor in Victoria all share common elements that could easily be accomplished at the Washington Street Landing site.

Modern ships, tugs and ferry boats with their large wakes have made it difficult to safely deploy floating docks on the bay. UPWA envisions the possibility for using sections of the old 520 floating bridge as a floating public promenade and breakwater to create a Mediterranean style boat harbor that is safe from the large vessel waves on the bay.

The Washington Street Landing concept proposal project accomplishes the following objectives for UPWA:

1.) Provides a cost-effective option for city planners to comply with state initiatives to increase public access to the waters of Puget Sound.

2.) Creates an attractive venue that can be activated and maintained by multiple small water-centric organizations in the same manner that the Center for Wooden Boats manages Lake Union Park.

3.) Encourages maritime transportation by providing safe floating docks for small passenger vessels.

4.) Provides a place for local native and non-native fisherman to sell their catch to the public.

5.) Provides a public location for inter-county commerce vessels like those involved in the FarmBoat program.

6.) Provides a location for tourist activities like boat rentals and charter boats.

7.) Accommodates a need for private vessel day moorage for stadium visitors.

8.) Provides a location for maritime events like boat shows, sailing regattas, and tall ship visits.

9.) Transforms Pioneer Square district into a functional waterfront community.

For more information about this project, Visit Web Site for RecycleTheBridge.org

Funding Revenue Source:

Corporate sponsors, FarmBoat Foods Co., public and private donations, and grants.