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Inter-Community Maritime Roadway System

The WaterRoads project provides online information about public maritime access locations where vessels can safely dock.

WaterRoads identifies the connection points between communities. Municipal docks are the hubs and spokes of a natural marine highway system. The WaterRoads program helps facilitate inter-community connections over water by identifying and classifying shoreline infrastructure.

Description of municipal dock sites, features, amenities, and usage rules are collected by volunteer boaters through our Shore-Score data entry program.

How Will WaterRoads be Used? We provide critical data for recreational boaters, commercial fishermen, charter boat and water taxi operators, market boats and educational vessels. The information helps navigators interface with people on shore.

What is a Municipal Dock? A municipal dock is a structure that is open for public use--a place where people and gear can be safely loaded or taken off boats. Municipal docks differ from private moorages such as marinas and industrial docks because they are freely accessible. They are similar to the load zones and passenger pickup zones seen on roadways.

The WaterRoads project is being sponsored by UPWA because it achieves the following objectives:

1.) Identifying urban public water access points.

2.) Enabling waterfront communities to make physical maritime connections.

3.) Providing infrastructure for alternative over-water commuter transportation.

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Funding Revenue Source:

Corporate sponsors, FarmBoat Foods Co., public and private donations, and grants.