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Alki Pier

Alki Pier at West Seattle

West Seattle currently has no significant public access to the marine environment. The docks, landings, boathouses and anchorages that once lined the shores of West Seattle are gone. A century ago, West Seattle was the birthplace of the Seattle Yacht Club where yachts of all types were moored. Up until half century ago, West Seattle residents could still rent small boats for fishing and cruising on Elliot Bay.

Over the recent decades, West Seattle has lost touch with it's maritime roots. The waters of Puget Sound have become nothing more than a pretty views for waterfront condo developers, and a formidable barrier to mobility.

Alki Pier is envisioned to provide safe access to deep water vessels for West Seattle residents and visitors. A proposed location at Bronson Street End (just south of Salty's Restaurant) provides ample room for a floating pier on Elliot Bay.

A floating pier can provide West Seattle with new opportunities for over-water transit options, access to maritime activities such sailing and fishing, a place to hold maritime events like paddling races and boat regattas. Safe maritime access can enhance the culture and appeal of the West Seattle waterfront.

With the replacement of the 520 Floating Bridge across Lake Washington, over a mile of surplus concrete pontoon sections will soon be available. Each section measures about 60'x 320'. With the center divider removed, the bridge deck is easily transformed into a floating promenade to serve as public space for events and access to small boats.

Floating bridge sections from the old Hood Canal and I-90 bridge are currently being successfully used for docks and breakwaters in the region. The floating structures can rise and fall with the tide so that the public has constant access to Puget Sound any time of day. Made of concrete, the surplus bridge sections could last many decades with minima maintenance. (See RecycleTheBridge.org for more information )

The Alki Pier Concept Proposal is being sponsored by UPWA because it provides the following benefits to Seattle citizens:

1.) Provides residents and visitors with public access to Puget Sound.

2.) Enabling Puget Sound communities to establish private and municipal over-water transportation connections to West Seattle.

3.) Enriches the West Seattle waterfront by providing a place where cultural maritime activities can occur.

4.) Supports uniquely attractive small businesses that can improve the appeal of the West Seattle waterfront for visitors and residences alike..

5.) Raises awareness for the Puget Sound Environment by providing people with meaningful access to maritime experiences.

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Funding Revenue Source:

Corporate sponsors, FarmBoat Foods Co., public and private donations, and grants.