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Pioneer Harbor

Pioneer Harbor Public Boat Landing & Floating Promenade

Seattle's Pioneer Square District was once the center of maritime activity in the Pacific Northwest. The historic 1920's Washington Street Landing pavilion was previously the gateway to destinations on Puget Sound and the waters beyond.

UPWA is proposing to rekindle Seattle's illustrious maritime past with a Mediterranean style public boat harbor that will accommodate a wide variety of small vessel activities from native canoes and charter boats, to tall ship festivals, fishing derbies and music events.

Enhancing the south central waterfront, Pioneer Harbor could provide residence, commuters, stadium visitors, and tourists with new options and amazing experiences. In the spirit of municipal docks of the past, the facility could be designed to provide for a collaborative self-sustaining effort between government and small commercial enterprises much like San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf, or Vancouver's Granville Island.

With a compatible human-scaled waterfront, the Pioneer Square neighborhood of Seattle could become an iconic tourism asset for the City of Seattle where patrons can buy fish direct off the fishing boats, commute to work by kayak, tour visiting tall ships, or take private harbor tours. A welcoming seaside harbor attraction that offers intimate connections to the sea can greatly add to the "Seattle Experience".

The location between the Colman Dock Ferry Terminal and Port of Seattle Container facilities is currently occupied by the aging Pier 48. UPWA suggests the possibility to remove the pier and replace the nearshore overwater structure with a floating promenade out further from shore. The stationary anchored promenade will float up and down with the tides and create a calm harbor basin for small vessels.

To minimize cost, UPWA is proposing to recycle two sections of the old 520 Floating Bridge for the major part of the harbor. The bridge sections are currently being replaced on Lake Washington. The 60' x 320' concrete pontoon sections could make an ideal floating promenade that doubles as formidable breakwater.

The Pioneer Harbor Concept Proposal project is being sponsored by UPWA because it provides the following benefits to Seattle citizens:

1.) Provides downtown visitors and residents public access to Puget Sound.

2.) Enabling Puget Sound communities to establish private and municipal over-water commuter connections to Seattle.

3.) Transforms the Pioneer Square neighborhood into a high-value waterfront community.

4.) Supports uniquely attractive small businesses that will draw tourism.

5.) Raises awareness for the Puget Sound Environment by allowing people to get up close to the water's edge.

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Funding Revenue Source:

Corporate sponsors, FarmBoat Foods Co., public and private donations, and grants.