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South Park River Walk Seattle

River Walk to Transform South Park into a Vibrant Waterfront Village

Situated along the shores of the Duwamish River, South Park could become transformed from a sleepy urban neighborhood into a vibrant destination waterfront community. South Park River Walk is a concept for a community float dock on the North side of the 14th Street bridge that could link the ends of S. Southern St. and S. Rose St. to create a 300' riverfront pedestrian walkway.

The upper Duwamish River basin is an expansive tranquil waterway that stretches several miles into Tukwilla. There are two miles of wide open navigable waters around South Park that would be ideal for small vessel activities including paddling, sailing, kayaking, and salmon fishing. Industrial usage of the upper river area is extremely light--making it a safe place for family boating activities.

While several private yacht marinas exist on the river, there is currently no public dock anywhere on the Duwamish that could be used for launching or boarding small vessels. Other than at the peak of high tide, the steep muddy beaches are impractical and hazardous for boat landings and launchings.

During the fall, local fisherman line the muddy banks to compete with others who drive their boats up river for the chance to catch the wild salmon that congregate at South Park. For several weeks each year, South Park becomes "Salmon Town". Yet beyond the scruffy banks, few in Seattle know about the long standing tradition that is part of the hidden character of this unique community.

South Park has an opportunity to capitalize on the annual salmon migration event in a way that engages and educates community members while building intrinsic value of for a water connection. The subject of "Salmon on the Duwamish" can become a good anchor program for developing meaningful community admiration for the Duwamish River.

The calm waters of the Duwamish are a perfect place to provide water access to many kinds of maritime experiences for people who can't afford to participate in high value waterfront areas. With a little infrastructure, South Park could become the working person's affordable recreational waterfront in Seattle. With waterfront amenities, ample parking and a nearby commercial district, South Park would have the elements to become a charming destination neighborhood for all Seattle citizens.

UPWA is committed to inspiring public access to the Duwamish River for the following reasons:

1.) Provides South Park residents with boating access to the Duwamish River.

2.) Inspires community stewardship of the Duwamish River with reasons to care.

3.) Provides a boater's destination that will enhance local restaurants and eateries.

4.) Transforms South Park into a vibrant waterfront community with an icon for civic pride.

5.) Establishes a venue for community maritime events such as paddling and rowing races.

6.) Creates safe public boat access at all tides to the upper Duwamish River basin for touring, education and fishing.

7.) Provides activities and jobs for youth that will help reduce crime.

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Funding Revenue Source:

Corporate sponsors, FarmBoat Foods Co., public and private donations, and grants.