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Touch-n-Go Docks Enable Community Connections

Loading zones are an integral part of a urban road system. Without loading zones, trucks, charter busses, taxis, and limos could not function in high traffic areas. Private cars could not easily pick up and drop off passengers at hotels, airports, malls and other high traffic areas.

Likewise, loading zones in the maritime environment are equally important. Maybe even more so since deep-water boats can't just "pull off to the side of the road".

UPWA advocates for Touch-n-Go zones at docks where the public has access. "Touch-n-Go" is a common nautical term for temporary landing that allows passengers to quickly board or depart while the vessel's captain stands by.

Touch-n-Go provides the ability for specific docking spaces to have consistently available public access that is not taken up by moored vessels.

UPWA is has developing a draft standard to define "Touch-n-Go" Load Zone spaces with signage designed to educate boaters about the need to share public dock facilities.