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Great Reasons to Join UPWA!

UPWA is Working to...

1.) ...Stop Reduction of Public Maritime Access

The public is losing access to the water at an alarming rate. With new government regulations, high insurance costs and pressure from private deep-pocket developers, there are fewer places where the public can safely access small vessels. Your support will help us to change the trend and develop a strong collective voice for those who desire to stay connected to the sea. Don't let the government and big money interests take away your water rights!

2.) ...Establish Safe and Reliable Public Docks

Safe access to the water is needed for people of all ages and abilities. Dock structures make it easy to load and unload small vessels. UPWA is dedicated to encouraging municipalities to provide maritime access for the public. Your support will help us make presentations, conduct research and present plans for municipal docks in waterfront communities.

3.) ...Preserve Maritime Culture and Heritage

Your support helps preserve maritime culture and heritage. Our coastal communities were founded on water traditions. These traditions are at risk of disappearing forever if they are not accommodated and maintained through the gentrification of our waterfronts. Your support is needed to foster self sustaining programs that continue share the past.

4.) ...Develop Water Transit for Commuters

Help us raise awareness for the possibilities of water transit routes. Water highways have been used since the beginning of time. Roads, rails and government regulations have made water commuting impractical over the years. However, now that our cities are choked with traffic, over water transportation is viable once again. Public docks provide opportunities to link with other communities by water.

5.) ...Create Economic Connections and Local Jobs

Traffic congestion in seaport cities has cut off local shoreline communities that were once easily accessible. Municipal public docks can provide the ability for water-centric commerce to create sustainable jobs. The flow of people and goods between local waterfront communities will generate increased economic activity for farmers, fishermen, restaurants, shops, and the and the like. Small local businesses keep more money in the local economy.

6.) ...Secure Public Access to Water-Centric Activities

Municipal docks traditionally provided a place for all sorts of water-centric activities. From hosting small commuter and tour boats to accommodating visiting fish boats and market boats selling to the public. Public docks were often the center of activity in traditional costal communities. Your support will help us inspire the creation of community docks that can serve as a center for water-centric activities.

7.) ...Improve Food Security

Local fisherman and coastal farmers want to bring you healthy fresh foods. Waterfront access gives them a way to cost-effectively deliver to consumers by water. Having public municipal docks that accommodate small vessels greatly expands sustainable food availability to costal communities. In the event of a major global food distribution melt down, local food suppliers can supply sustenance. Your support helps us develop water-based food security options for coastal communities.

8.) ...Increase Community Vitality and Enjoyment

Public waterfront spaces that accommodate small vessels can create an activity draw to enhance the vitality and attraction of shoreline communities. Residents and visitors alike enjoy access to charter boats, market boats, tour boats, fishing boats, and mini-ferries while paddle clubs, kayakers, and private vessels come and go at will. Your support helps build a vision for active "Mediterranean style" multi use public waterfronts that serve the interest of communities.

9.) ...Raise Awareness for the Aquatic Environment

Everything eventually drains into the sea. People who can directly experience the amenities of the sea are more likely to develop concern for the maritime environment. Sustainable stewardship is fostered with first-hand practical knowledge gained through experience on the water. The more people know, the more they will care. Your support will help make it easier for people to understand how human activities affect the sea.

10.) ...Provide Energy Efficient Delivery of Local Food

The vast majority of mass-market food delivered to urban centers arrives from thousands of miles away. However, most ports have nearby fishing grounds and coastal farmlands that can efficiently deliver fresh local goods by water--provided that there is place to transact business. Municipal docks can open up urban centers to secondary local food supplies that don't require middleman distributors and long-distance shipping costs. Your support will help create energy efficient local food delivery options for your community.

11.) ...Make Places for You to Meet Your Friends

If you are a boater, you have probably experienced more difficulty in finding places to pick up and drop off your friends in recent years. There are fewer marinas and public docks to go around. Without competition, over-crowded private facilities are free to charge exorbitant fees or simply turn boaters away. Your support helps us work to establish free passenger load zones at public docks much like you find on city streets.