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Activation Management

Ongoing management is crucial for long term success of self-sustainable public maritime access sites. Many shoreline community organizations and municipalities lack the resources and personnel to manage public dock sites efficiently. Because of our broad experiences with a wide range of maritime operations and activities, we can provide the most economical means for efficient management of continuously activated waterfront sites.

Activation Monitoring assures that there is a consistent level of publicly desirable usage of maritime access spaces.

Usage Fee Collections from frequent commercial users and drop boxes provide a means to financially support public maritime access sites.

Usage Contract Management is an ongoing necessity to assure that both the needs of the public, governmental authorities and commercial users are being met satisfactorily.

Remote Camera Monitoring provides a low cost method to audit usage while giving the waterfront community an online view of current activities at the site.

Site Maintenance needs are monitored and coordinated with approved vendors.

Activation Plan Reviews and Updates are periodically accomplished to assure that maximum site usage is being achieved.

Ongoing Community Engagement through on-site activity programs, social media and internet are important elements to keeping a public maritime access financially site self-sustainable.